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This is a commnity for amateur, semi-prop and professional models to talk about what they do, why they like it, why it makes them crazy, trade advice etc.

This forum is for all types of models and aspiring models -- so size, age, etc. doesn't matter. To that end, expect frank discussions of all sorts of sensitive issues like weight, skin tone and race, body hair, etc. Don't insult each other, blah blah blah. Despite what many people think (including those in the business) -- it's not really about beauty so much as having a marketable look, either because it's a conventional ideal or an unusual statement.

Please don't post your pictures on this community -- but do post links so we can see your work! Also, keep in mind we'll probably have a varried audience, so please let people know if you're directing them to art nudes or glamour shots.

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